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At Chiropractic & Wellness Specialists, our objectives are to listen to you – paying close attention to how your symptoms affect your life, accurately diagnose your condition, work with you to create an individualized treatment plan, and empower you with education on prevention and self-directed care through personalized rehabilitation, and home exercise programs to continue your recovery.

We are conveniently located just South of the 6th Avenue and Union/Sims exit OR just North of the Alameda Blvd and Union Blvd intersection. Turn West at the Cedar/Union stoplight, go one block through the next light at Van Gordon. Our building is the 2nd on the right, 12567 W. Cedar Drive. It is a red brick building. There is visitor parking up by the covered entry way. Through the double entry doors go left to the end of the hall and suite 101.

Peter Halvorson, DC, BS, LMT


Dr. Peter Halvorson has been involved in drug-free healthcare also known as Alternative and Complementary Medicine (CAM) since the late 1970’s when as a teenager he studied foot reflexology and explored a vegetarian diet. He discovered Chiropractic healthcare as a patient in his twenties, has been a Massage Therapist since 1993 and recently completed a three and half year program for his Doctorate of Chiropractic. As a result he has realized the great importance of a healthy brain and neurological system and the damaging effects of poor diet and stress. Chiropractic is essentially neurologically based, and the burgeoning neurological research of the past twenty years has shown that we must move from ‘pain and chasing symptoms’ to ‘brain health and finding cause’ as this is truly the source of a capable immune system and a sound physical body.

Dr. Halvorson has worked with Olympic athletes, a World Cup ski racer, and has himself been a top ten triathlete and age group competitor in running and Nordic ski events. He is particularly fond of Chiropractic, as through its care he has avoided three ‘recommended’ surgeries, yet continues to enjoy a mobile, pain free life. His outdoor pursuits include Alpine and backcountry skiing, trail running, Nordic skiing, kayaking, and mountain adventures in Colorado, Asia, and South America.

Dr. Halvorson has led a colorful and adventurous life, having travelled the world through 24 countries and many continents; from McMurdo Station, Antarctica to Mt. Denali in Alaska, and from Tibet to Paris. He has also studied and practiced yoga, and completed several months’ long meditation retreats. Along the way he has met extraordinary people, cultures and ideals and through these experiences he brings a wealth of knowledge, both studied and experienced, to his unique outlook on healthcare. He marvels at the amazing ability of the human body to perform, recover, change and heal. He is happy to share this knowledge and guide you on your own path towards a productive, mobile, pain free life.

Cara Jaffee, CNTP

Functional Nutritionist

Cara is a science-based health coach, food lover, cook, jazzerciser and outdoor enthusiast. She believe that when we provide ourselves with the right kinds of food, revise thought patterns and lifestyles, we have the power to affect our own physiology. She can address blocked or broken digestive mechanisms, reduce inflammation, improve damage from illness and disease and increase the quality of life.

Cara’s nutrition studies began at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado but her health journey began when she was a young adult with undiagnosed digestive distress, that sent her to the hospital many times. After a decade of suffering with pain and food intolerance, her own health journey inspired her career in nutrition.

Cara thrives on helping others improve their health. By viewing the body as a whole, we can begin to uncover the root of chronic disease and assist harmonization of mind and body.

Miranda Lynch, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Whether you have aches and pains all over, just need to relax, have a specific problem or two, or want to buy a package and get work once-a-month Miranda will customize your massage to fit your goals. She has treated everything from frozen shoulder, sciatic and muscle pain, limited range of motion in the neck, headaches, backaches, to achy tired feet. She brings a compassionate heart and knowledge of anatomy and incorporates these strengths into wonderful results for her clients to enjoy. She loves being able to build a connection with her clients and see the improvements that their bodies have made through her work.

Even at a young age Miranda she could see the relief that massage brought to her family and friends. Since Miranda knew this was her calling, she graduated high school early, and immediately enrolled in Denver School of Massage Therapy, graduating in March of 2014. Since then, she has worked for businesses ranging from a luxury spa at Beaver Creek Resort, to a locally owned spa in Littleton. Recently, she has decided to work independently and has found this move to be beneficial to both her and her growing list of established clients. She works most days and finds that weekends are great for a lot of people!

She is very interested in Trauma Touch, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial Release, and is adding more modalities soon. She is very excited to be working alongside Dr. Halvorson and learning even more about the body and aid in her client recovery and pursuit of a great quality of life.

Anne, Front Desk Staff

Anne is our resident Texan! She relocated to Denver to be closer to her grandchildren. She has 20 years of experience in running insurance claims for chiropractic offices and is a firm believer in the Standard Process healthcare product line.

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