Retrain Your Brain!

Stress and It’s Effects

Modern stressors include processed and pesticide ridden food, food sensitivities, environmental toxins, chronic infections, head injuries and concussions, demands of a high-tech lifestyle, job security, driving and commuting, going to school and oddly enough worrying about getting proper healthcare. The combined overload creates levels of stress that the human brain is simply not prepared to manage. The result of unmanaged stress is a brain that has simply forgotten how to relax.

These heightened stress levels over-stimulate the brain to the point where it can no longer cope. Unmanaged stress causes a shift in brainwave activity to ALARM and forces the brain and body to secrete stress hormones. When these stress hormones are in your bloodstream ALL the time, your body NEVER has the time to REST, RECOVER and REPAIR, leaving you exhausted.

These stress hormone pools in your body and deplete the brain of natural, coordinating neurotransmitters such as serotonin and beta-endorphins, dopamine. Your brain becomes uncoordinated, unbalanced and dysfunctional.

Unmanaged Stress Damages Your Brain & Body

● 95% of illness and disease begin with unmanaged stress. ● Here’s the kicker...85% of people underestimate measured stress levels. ● The result of a relaxed brain is its ability to modulate between brain-wave states or frequencies. Brain frequencies that can change from dealing with stress (Beta) to frequencies that are present in meditation, ‘being in the zone”, concentration, decision-making (Alpha and Theta) and deep, deep sleep (Delta). ● Don’t let a stressed-out brain state be your normal. Imagine a new, better normal.

Brain Based Wellness

Brain Based Wellness simply teaches your brain how to deal with stress.
We incorporate BrainTap (brain entrainment) and NeuroInfiniti (EEG) technologies along with chiropractic adjustments into our practice to teach the brain how to deal with stress. All three of these conservative therapies are proven to change your brain.

Unmanaged brain stress causes anxiety, depression, brain fog, memory issues, concentration, chronic fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, weight gain, cancer, pain, addiction and overall poor health.
These exercises and technologies along with chiropractic adjustments have been proven to be effective due to what is known as neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity means the brain has the ability to change for the better (or worse). We teach your brain to create new, better habits and patterns and take apart old, unwanted habits and patterns. Dr. Patrick Porter says this about neuroplasticity, “Your best thinking got you to where you are right now, what if it got better?”

Take Your Performance to the Next Level
The Stress Response Evaluation, Brain Entrainment and Neurofeedback can also be utilized for improving mental performance with a well-functioning brain. Imagine clearer thoughts and thinking, in performance, in your sports, your hobbies, your profession, your life.